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  • 1. vandieulinh  |  Tháng Tư 13, 2009 lúc 11:04 sáng

    Essay 1 Topic 1 Why go to university? In every society, there is a need to be educated. The reasons may vary from learning more about Geography to understanding how to set up a profitable small business. Some students may attend school to become more environmentally aware and to learn more about small business administration. School can offer a person knowledge about academic subjects such as Geography. Case in point, a student studying Physical Geography can learn about how mountains are formed, thus developing in him a deeper respect for the environment. Consequently, the student may decide to take such a class in order to make sure that our earth is protected from neglect in future generations. Recognizing the need to earn money, many students attend school so they can learn small business administration. One of my friends from Taiwan is studying in an MBA program right now, so he can return to work in his father`s company. This student wants to attend school now so that he can develop the entrepreneurial skills which will help him grow his father`s business. In short, these reasons show that many attend school in order to become more valuable, more productive citizens of a society learning more about the world in which we live as well as understanding about how to earn money in business.

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  • 2. vandieulinh  |  Tháng Tư 14, 2009 lúc 3:29 sáng

    Everyday we have many activities maybe interesting or boring.Someone considers if we have a wonderful morning , we may be lucky and happy all day.What’s about you?
    Morning is the beginning of the day.It’s when our mind is most well-trainer after long night and we feel comfortable.Therefore, that’s the best time to relax to start a hard day.What do you often do in the morning? My favourite thing is watering flowers after a short exercise. Morning exercise can help you have a good health and more and more stronger. According to scientists, person practise exercise regularly has better physical strength than one doesn’t.
    Morning is also considered as the first lucky thing of the day. “ If you get a trouble or meet a lady first in the morning, you will be unlucky all day…” Many people trust this so much that they don’t do any wrong thing such as step outside by the right-foot first or some thing like that. I think it’s not true and rather unfounded.
    Morning is the special period of time so we try to make ourself happy and relax as much as we can because of the nice day and the beautiful life in the future.

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